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CBD Rock Climbing Session

Leader - Sandeep Bhagyawant


Weather for the day was good. Top ropes were set up for the first-timers while the experienced climbers enjoyed leading the hard routes.

The beginners who joined were overwhelming in their attempts to learn and gave it a good shot to imbibe the most from the day. In all, it was a good climbing session that lasted for around 4 hours.

Event Date: Saturday, 11 January 2020

No. of Participants: 19

Our Participants: Vinita, Sandeep, Sayalee, Aditya, Manasi, Gandhali, Mangesh (Motha), Biker, Saurabh, TT Niranjan, Kiran H, Leon Baumann, Samuel Trepanier, Abhimanyu, Imrong, Hrishikesh, Abhimanya, Meenaz, Deepa

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