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Girivihar since its inception has been known to be the center of Adventure activities. For the last 60+ years the members of Girivihar have been part of many notable mountaineering milestones. The new generation of Girivhar is living up to the legacy by conducting adventure activities throughout the year. Below is a synopsis of the activities we conduct.



Girivihar has been a pioneer in Mountaineering expeditions and treks and we continue by conducting two high-altitude Himalayan treks every year. Apart from that, we also organize treks every weekend throughout the year. We develop a Trek Circular every two months and encourage everyone to join us. Do check our Event Schedule.


As an off-shoot of Adventure activities, we have also arranged tours to Wildlife Sanctuaries. Let us know if you have something in mind and lets make that trip!

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Girivhar was one of the first mountaineering clubs to start basic and advanced rock climbing camps in India. Many distinguished mountaineers in Maharashtra are alumni of our Rock Climbing Course. We were also one of first people to conceptualize and conduct Childrens Adventure Camps. We have conducted 30+ RC camps and an equal number of Adventure camps.

Image by Nikola Mihajloski

Girivihar has also conducted Skiing camps in the Himalayas and is also plans to conduct more of these in the near future. 


Adventure tours

Updates about the adventure activities our members wish to undertake.

A few destinations on the Wishlist of some of our members are listed here. We make sure to organize the outings and include it in the upcoming programs of Girivihar for the benefit of all the members.

The Wishlist destinations:


Scuba Diving and Exploring


Scuba Diving and Exploring


Scuba Diving and Exploring

Field Trip


Girivihar takes the initiative in helping you organise the Adventure of your choice!
Make your Adventure dream come true

Be it a short day trek or an over night week end trek in the Sahyadris….
Be it a High Altitude trek in the himalayas…. or an Expedition….
Be it a Cycling tour or a Motor Bike Expedition….
Be it Scuba Diving or White water rafting….

You name your Adventure and we can arrange it for you

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