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Ghangad Trek - Tel Baila Climbing

Leader - Aditya Athavale

Ghangad: Ghangad fort is located in Lonavala region and the base village is Ekole. We can see Korigad fort and Tel-baila Walls from Ghangad. This fort was mainly used to keep a watch on the surrounding area.

21st Feb 2020, Early morning we group of 4 people left for Ghangad. The trail has started from base village Ekole. After a half an hour ascending the team reached at Garjai temple, after resting for a few minutes they started ascending towards the first gate.

After crossing first entrance they came across rock patch. Rock patch is made easier with ladder placed on it. After climbing ladder there is a steep ascent to reach another entrance. While ascending the team witnessed a lot of water trenches. Water is potable. After crossing second entrance they reached the top of the fort. From the top, we got some breathtaking views of tel baila walls. After a few minutes of break, we started descending towards the attraction of the fort; there is large rock separated from the main cliff and inclined on the wall of the fort. This looks like a triangular opening and shows Nature's grandeur. Having packed lunch there and a few minutes of rest, the team we started descending and reached base village within 20mins.

Tel Baila Climbing (South Inner Wall)

Aditya Athavale, Atul Khedekar, Karvi Joshi, Parag Lagu, Prasanna Joshi, Saurabh Oka, Sayalee Athavale, Sharvi Oka - made up the team.

After spending the night at the base village, the team started the hike to the base of the pinnacle at 6 am. Reaching the temple at the Khinda (pass), the team had breakfast and geared up for the climb.

Started at around 8 am with Saurabh Oka opened the route, leading the first pitch. Followed by the rest while Prasanna Joshi, provided support from the base, keeping in touch with the walkies that were carried. Climbers ascended the first pitch and rested in the cave, while the second pitch-the traverse, was set up.

Safety in place, the team walked across the traverse, to reach a cave at the base of the third pitch, which was again a climb, led by Aditya Athavale. From there, scrambling further, Karvi, Aditya, and Saurabh reached the summit, the first summit being at around 11 am. The descent started soon after, following the same route that was taken to ascend. Rappelling the third pitch, walking traverse at the second, and Rappelling the first again. Last man reaching at 4 pm, the team celebrated the successful climb with a mandatory group photo and headed back to the village.

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