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Bhrigu Lake

Kedar Taal Treks

Girivihar has announced it High Altitude trek for 2022 to Bhrigu Lake from 8 to 15 May 2022. 

A lot of trekkers do the Bhrigu Lake trek for the lake steeped in mythology. This trek lies in Himachal Pradesh, around 20 km north of Manali and can be accessed from Gulaba.

It is known as the place where the famous saint Maharishi Bhrigu sat in deep meditation. However, we believe the lake is not the only thing the trek has to offer. You must do the Bhrigu Lake trek for its grasslands.

To enter an alpine meadow in our country, one has to often spend at least a day or two trekking within the treeline. We are talking about two or three days of hard ascent. This is because most alpine meadows start at around 11,000 ft above the treeline.

However, on this trek, you are in the meadows within the first 10 minutes of this trek! Imagine having meadows such as these right in your backyard. No wonder we go gaga over landscapes that are seen in places like Switzerland.

The meadows on the Bhrigu Lake trek stretch far and wide – almost like an endless carpet. Wild horses gallop around you. The grazing sheep look up when you come out of the treeline, almost as if to greet you.

The Brochure for the trek can be downloaded here.

Kedartal (also known as Shiva’s lake) is a glacial lake situated at an altitude of 4,750 metres (15,580 ft) in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas in India.

From Gangotri, the trek takes you through the gorge of the Kedar Ganga passing by the forest which slowly converts to bushes, then to grasses and then finally found only in sparse between rocks as you gain altitude very fast, since Gangotri itself is over 3000 meters from where you start your trek.The first campsite of Bhojkharak is already over tree line. Another 2 days of trek brings you to the ultimate setting of a serene lake surrounded by white snow clad peaks giving you great views of Thalay Sagar and Bhrigupanth. The glacial lake of Kedar Tal is located in spectacular settings with the elegant peaks of Bhrigunath and Thalaysagar making a perfect background.

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